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 LIVE Workshops that Get Results!

Dec 9 Roseville CA back to back double workshops

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All 1/2 day Workshops $147 ($97 early bird)
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Release & Receive Ceremony  =>LEARN MORE HERE <=

All 1/2 day Workshops $147 ($97 early bird)

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includes FREE guest
Teens always FREE !

 “Brenda, I am feeling so amazing today, incredibly blessed and so thankful to have met you. Today (one day after your class) I gained 5 potential new clients for my weight loss program, 1 new customer who already ordered a kit, I got a phone call from a new Pageant contestant who is sending in her application and money by end of the month AND a new pageant student who I am meeting on Monday! OMG, I am so excited and feeling so incredibly blessed! Thank you so much for showing me that I am a worthy daughter of God and I deserve blessing like this everyday of my life! With much love! -Jennifer K CA (workshop attendee)


Think, Feel and Speak Your Way to Health & Prosperity

Understand how to harness the physiology behind your words, emotions and actions to get results.  You will be inspired, empowered and leave with practical, scientifically proven strategies to eliminate worry, leverage time and create wealth.

Master The Mindset and Laws of Success                                    

 I’ve personally experienced how eliminating limiting beliefs, having a mindset of success and working with the laws of prosperity took me from living in a one bedroom aprtment, working at an unfulfilling job and struggling to pay bills to creating several successful companies, living my passion and making a difference world-wide! Learn practical strategies and leave with an action plan to move you forward with clarity, confidence and RESULTS!

Beyond Rapport: Understand the Brain to Improve Communication and Attract Raving Fans                                      

Tired of “No’s”?  Progress slow?  Increase your sales, referrals and retention immediately with these powerful strategies.  Get hands-on practice developing 5 skills & techniques to build instant rapport, improve communication and attract raving fans.   Understand and speak the language of your prospects, customers and loved ones.  

Manifest Your Dreams, Desires & Goals Quickly & Effectively

Decades of experience have shown what we do in December sets the stage for the entire next year! Learn the science and strategies that Brenda uses to manifest her dreams and desires (75% of which have come true since she did this in November of 2011.) Eliminate limiting beliefs and dramatically increase your income with hands-on skill building.

Partner with God in Business                                                                      

Is it necessary to “check your faith at the door”? Can God be the CEO of your business? Discover how to stop endless juggling, living a compartmentalized life and live the authentic you! Learn to enjoy faith/work congruency for a profitable business, empowered organization and a thriving community.  Learn practical strategies to live out the desires of your heart, earn more and make a powerful contribution in your sphere of influence.

Meet Dr. God:  Enjoy Vibrant Energy, Ideal Weight and On-Your-Game Focus                                 

Learn the real reasons for energy drain, weight fluctuation and brain fog. Discover the success secrets and strategies for vibrant living.

To Love You is to Know You!  Enjoy Dynamic Relationships and Eliminate Self Sabotage, Doubt and Fear                 

Learn the eye-opening and freeing secrets of your brain wiring, spiritual wiring, predominate mindset and scripting.  Suddenly you will understand why you do the things you do and procrastinate on the things you don’t want to do.  Stop beating yourself up and looking for the approval of others, and start truly living YOU.  You will be amazed at the confidence, freedom and joy you experience after attending this event.  Many have their best financial month after attending (just another way of loving you)!

Discovery Events, 1/2 Day Mini-Versions $97 each

God, Money & Me Discovery LIVE, God, Health & Me Discovery LIVE & God, Love & Me Discovery LIVE TBA

“Brenda the class was so great.  I am learning how to transform my whole life living in peace and joy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us” – Mary Jane, FL

Full Day Events: $497 each, Package Discounts Available 

God, Money & Me TBA

God, Health & Me TBA

God, Love & Me TBA

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*Workshop schedule subject to change without notice.