Step into Your Gifts

Step into Your Gifts

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They are the Key to Your Breakthrough

You have amazing gifts inside of you. They contain the keys to breakthrough and success. Sound simple? It is. The challenge is we have been programmed to deny or dismiss these gifts. Continue reading

Stop People Pleasing & Handle Criticism with Grace

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Anytime we enter the public lime-light, we are likely to encounter both criticism & praise 

Learning to unhook from the need for approval and not be moved by criticism or praise is a pivotal key to success.

I don’t know anyone who enjoys criticism.  It can feel painful.  In fact, just a couple well-slung criticisms can paralyze and bring hopes and dreams to a complete standstill!  

5 Strategies to Handle Criticism with Grace 

Continue reading

How to Have More Creativity & Live Your Bliss

Do you wish your life included more creativity, beauty, and bliss?

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If I asked you, “Are you a highly creative person?”  How would you answer?  Most have told themselves the story that they are not creative. Or that creative pursuits are luxuries that don’t fit into an already busy schedule.

As a coach and lifelong student of personal development, I have learned that we humans are very skilled at telling ourselves stories. These stories rob us of enjoying our life. The amazing thing is that most of these stories are not even true. (Although we make them true by believing them.)

We tell our self the story that we lack. We routinely say “I don’t have enough time, money, education, talent, creativity…”
Have you convinced yourself you that you are not creative? Or told yourself that you have too many important things to do to even think about being creative? Have creative activities been replaced by rigid schedules, demands, and to-do lists?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I pray this article will be a gentle reminder of the gifts God has placed inside of you and a beacon call back to a life of creativity. Your health, happiness and emotional well-being depend on it. Continue reading

How to Play BIG in Life and Business – includes free audio

Which of these would best describe you? A.) I Play BIG!   B.) I tend to play small and safe or C.)  I haven’t really thought about it.

Many of us would answer B or C. We have been taught to avoid risks, color inside the lines and not make waves. Fear, self-doubt and the belief that we lack what it takes to succeed causes us play small. Our desire to be accepted and be liked often leads us to conform. Like Russian dolls, The more we try to fit in, the more we shrink and lose our individuality and creative genius.

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Do you desire to play big in life and business?

Do you have a vision or a dream? Do you desire to do big things? Continue reading

If Affirmations Work Why Am I Still Struggling?

Have you ever wondered why your affirmations are not getting results?
Perhaps you heard about affirmations. Thinking you discovered the mother lode, you wrote or spoke your affirmations. You maybe even created a vision board. And then you waited. First day nothing. Week one nothing. Month one nothing. Discouraged they became hit and miss. It seems affirmations work for others but not you.

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photo by Matthew Kane

 You wonder if something is wrong with you.

For years I felt that.  I watched others succeed almost effortlessly while I struggled.  It’s not our fault.  We were never taught how to create affirmations that get results.  Continue reading

The Question That Can Break a Mindset of Lack & Multiply Your Resources

What if there was a single question that could break through your fears and doubts? What if that question could also mobilize your resources and increase your income?

There is! It’s a question that is repeated in both the Old and New Testament of the Bible:

Question, What's in Your Hands

That was the question God asked Moses (Exo 4:2). God had chosen Moses to lead a people out of bondage.  Moses was not convinced he was the man for the job! All His mind could see was his limitations.  He pleaded with God to find someone else.  After all, he reasoned, how could he lead a multitude when he struggled to speak a complete sentence? Continue reading