Procrastination Hacks to Get Stuff Done! (Part 2)

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Overcoming Procrastination is Possible!

Has overcoming procrastination felt like an impossible feat? The good news is it is not. Once you identify the root cause, however, the solution becomes clear. Most of us realize fear is often at the root of procrastination.  There are, however, less known and understood causes of procrastination. These include hidden doubts, brain fatigue and not knowing our brain’s innate energy advantage. If you missed part one of  “10 Procrastination Hacks to Get Stuff Done!” you can read it here .  Here are four more powerful procrastination hacks. Continue reading

10 Procrastination Hacks to Get Stuff Done!

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“Procrastination always gives you something to look forward to.”
-Joan Konner

What dreams has procrastination kept you from fulfilling?  In a comic I recently viewed, an artist stood in front of a row of paintings hanging on the wall.  The artist stood looking at the plain blank canvas on the gallery wall. It stuck out like a sore thumb beside the other colorful works of art. “I called it ‘procrastination‘”, she commented.  Funny?  Not so much.  Procrastination is the cause of guilt, shame and a sense of unworthiness. Mastering procrastination will release your God-given creativity.  It will fuel a sense of satisfaction.

Understanding the causes and applying some powerful hacks will set you on the road to getting important and creative stuff done! The cause of procrastination ranges from fear to perfectionism. Here are 10 procrastination hacks to help you get stuff done: Continue reading