Time Management: How to Get Things Done with Peace & Joy

Does the thought of adding one more thing, including time management, make you want to scream? Are you exhausted by the volume of information and events making promises? They promise easy steps to improve relationships, organize your life and grow your income. Are you overwhelmed by the tools and systems you need to learn and put in place to grow your business?

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As a woman who has endeavored to squeeze twenty lifetimes into one I understand! If you are looking for another tool, system or strategy this is not for you.  If your soul longs for more peace, ease and grace than read on. 

More than just making lists!

I used to think time management meant making a long list. I became a master list maker! The problem was no matter how hard I worked to cross off all the items on my list, I barely made a dent! In fact the list kept getting longer.  I now know it would take many people to accomplish everything on my list.

I confused “you can have it all” with “you can DO it all”!

Believe me I tried.  I gave my best shot!  For over two decades I ran the nutritional network marketing corporation I had co-founded while home educating my three children. In addition I led a weekly community Bible study and a high school speech club.  That was in addition to going to the gym every day, keeping a morning personal development routine and managing my home. My schedule also included nightly speaking engagements and business networking events.

Perhaps YOUR story is similar.   I don’t give up easily but after two decades of my best effort I came to the brilliant conclusion that I cannot do it all!  I prayed and I studied with Continue reading

How to Encourage Yourself When You Feel Like Giving Up

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Encouragement: Strength when you feel like quitting

Where do you encourage yourself when it feels like your world is falling apart? How do you find encourage when you feel like you are all alone? Who motivates the motivator? Who encourages the leader?

It’s lonely at the top, so you better know why you are there“.- John C. Maxwell

When I about to launch my first corporation (a nutritional network marketing company). We invited Kevin McCarthy, author of “The On-Purpose Person” to be the key note speaker.  At dinner afterwards, he said to me, “Brenda, do you have a female mentor who is in leadership?” I was young (28) and ambitious.  “When you are a leader of a large corporation everyone will look to you to be their leader and inspiration.” He went on to explain, “At times you will feel alone. You will need someone to confide in that understands your situation. You need a female leader, like a Pastor’s wife, that you can go to for wisdom and encouragement.”  Decades later, I can say this was sage advice!

But what about those times when there doesn’t seem to be anyone around to encourage you?

David (the one who killed Goliath in the Bible and rose to be one of Israel’s greatest kings) faced that. His story holds some powerful lessons. Continue reading

How to Journal and Why You & Your Business Benefit

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5 Benefits of Keeping a Journal

The benefits of keeping a journal span from improved immunity to business success. Journals are both a place to brain storm and a treasure chest to hold wisdom and knowledge. Journals are a place to pray, reflect, and clarify. They anchor us in the present and leave a legacy for future generations.

There are three things to leave behind: your photographs, your library, and your personal journals. These things are certainly going to be more valuable to future generations than your furniture! – Jim Rohn

Continue reading

How to Create Life Balance & Have More Joy: 5 Keys Found in the Bible

Life Balance Women

 The Elusive Life-Balance

Women are amazing jugglers!  We strive for the elusive goal of life balance while spinning plates and keeping the balls in the air. We heroically juggle work, family, finances and faith while trying to fit in exercise, personal growth and a spiritual practice!  The shuffle of deadlines, appointments, resources and responsibilities. Somewhere in our mind we stepped into our superhero costume convinced we could pull it off. Believing that not only can we HAVE IT ALL, but we can DO IT ALL! Continue reading

Enjoy Life & Success: Upgrade your Self Talk

 Woman Positive Self Talk

Change Your Words, Change your Life (Scripture and Science Agree)

Words have power.  Words we speak to our self shape the quality of our life. How do you speak to yourself? Is your self-talk kind and affirming? Or is it critical and condescending? Both scripture and science document the power of our words. An ancient proverb written by one of the wisest kings say our words can either build us up and be a tree of life or crush us! Continue reading

Perfectionism: How to Overcome Perfectionism and Enjoy the Perfect

woman mirror perfectionism Perfectionism Paralyzes.

Perfectionism blinds us to the love, beauty and perfection hidden in each moment. Masked as a commitment to quality and greatness, it results in procrastination and paralysis. Scripture says when we wait for conditions to be perfect, we will never start.

“He who watches the wind [waiting for all conditions to be perfect] will not sow [seed], and he who looks at the clouds will not reap [a harvest].” Ecclesiastes 11:4

Perfectionism is rooted in fear and brings out our worst.

Perfectionism (like any “ism”) is an attitude, belief of practice.  For many it has become the practice of setting impossible standards for our body, our work and our life. Continue reading