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You are at the right place if you:

  • Want to do big things and make a difference but you feel like you
    are running against the wind (working harder with less results and less satisfaction)
  • Attempt to juggle many roles and feel stretched, overwhelmed and exhausted
  • Desire to be part of a tribe of empowered women who love God, themselves and others and together release their Divine gifts into the world, making an impact and leaving a legacy.  

You are not alone!

Hi I’m Brenda, Founder of Prosper in All Things.  First I want to encourage you.  You not alone!  I know what it feels like. For years I attempted to juggle running a business, home educating my kids, leading a high school speech club, bible study. I was stressed, exhausted and it took a toll on my relationships and my body! I tried to do it all. I now know this is not necessary. Today I am privileged to help many women discover and live the life they have always

You CAN create the life and business of your dreams!

It took me many years of searching to discover that it is possible to enjoy a life a prosperity, peace and balance. Unfortunately those are not subjects we are taught in school. I spent years and hundreds of  thousands investing in courses, materials, books and coaches.As a result I gathered and created powerful tools to streamline and simplify life and developed proven strategies to grow your income. Discover how YOU can too!


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In this one hour FREE session you will get clarity on your goals and desires and what is keeping you from achieving them.  You will leave with actions you can begin immediately. You will also discover with success and business coaching is right for you.

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  1.  “Why Affirmations Don’t Work.” video series.  (Hint: They DO work if you put in place the strategies I give you in this series.)
  2. FREE ebook “The Time Management Secrets of Jesus”

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What others are saying

  1. “I can’t explain how much that seminar changed my direction, applying what it revealed to me. My days have been so much more productive. I’ve been able to share the knowledge with my family, take it into consideration with my children, which is making some great adjustments in my personal life, and was able to share it with my business partner, and we are making some great adjustments to better our business. Thank you Brenda Byers-Im! You are a constant giving blessing to my life and those around me in so many ways!”

    ~ Violet Giovanni. God, Money and Me 1-day live event attendee


    Prosper in All Things is committed to bringing God’s message of love, wisdom and transformation in practical business-building events, workshops and resources to help you prosper in every area of your life!

    I AM Praying that YOU prosper in ALL things! Brenda