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  • Do you feel like your life is fragmented and lacking power?
  • Do you feel over-extended, overwhelmed and exhausted?
  • Do you lack a clear plan and desire personalized step-by-step coaching to reach more of your target market with your message, product or service, earn a great income authentically show up, create a life you love?

In only 60 will get clarity on your goals and desires and what is holding you back.  You will leave with your next step to manifest your goals and dreams quickly and see if coaching is right for you.


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What others are saying:
Founder of Premiere Christian Women’s Network, “I learned things in 1 session with Brenda that I have been trying to figure out for 6 years!”

  1. “I can’t explain how much that seminar changed my direction, applying what it revealed to me. My days have been so much more productive. I’ve been able to share the knowledge with my family, take it into consideration with my children, which is making some great adjustments in my personal life, and was able to share it with my business partner, and we are making some great adjustments to better our business. Thank you Brenda Byers-Im! You are a constant giving blessing to my life and those around me in so many ways!”

    ~ Violet Giovanni. God, Money and Me 1-day live event attendee


    Prosper in All Things is the premier Christian Coaching and Training Corporation equipping women to grow their faith and business through 1:1 and group coaching, practical business-building workshops, retreats, and resources.

    I AM Praying that YOU prosper in ALL things! Brenda